WDSI stakeholders, Andy Coney and Andrew Ramshaw pioneered the early 802.11 mesh networks in Europe and Asia through the founding of the brand "Meshhopper" in 2003 (selling on Meshhopper WiFi Networks Ltd www.meshhopper.com   in 2006 to the Globalreach Group, UK www.globalreach.eu.com ) having built some of the largest last mile mesh networks across Europe, Middle East and Asia.

WDSI have continued its comittment with the development of the Meshhopper brand and product range in International markets as master international distributors for the Meshhopper product range, which includes the Minimesh, Maximesh and Multimesh brands. Working closely with the executive management and R&D teams at Meshhopper in the UK enables WDSI to bring new cutting edge developments to the channel marketplace in rapid times, as well as fostering development programmes of technology for wireless deployment.

Focusing on solutions for large ISPs and systems integrators, WDSI are able to offer tailored Meshhopper packages that enable fast fast roll out and return on investment when deploying wide scale WiFi hotspots and hotzone coverage.

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